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Subject: Family Reunion - 2b M/M,b,F,g, inc. first, anal/group*Note that my characters do not wear condoms and that is because they are
FICTIONAL.The author recommends 'safe' sex in real life. You must be above
the Age of Consent in your particular area of the planet to read this sort
of stuff and you should NEVER allow minors access but you fucked little russian lolita knew that
anyway. These are stories of boys, girl's youth, adults and young men and
once again they are FICTIONAL. Any resemblance toanyone living or dead is
PURELY COINCIDENTAL. The normal disclaimers apple, please don't read if
you're underage. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed
writing it. This is my second attempt at a story and I will submit it in
chapters. Please email me your comments to, I love
to get comments whether positive or constructively negative and or pictures
that you think represent this story.
Marlies was on the floor thrashing about as Dieter was tickling her sides
and moving his hands across her small breasts and Kristopher was going
after her feet and moving his hands up towards her "special spot". Karin
instructed to the three of them that they would have more room if they
moved to Karin's bedroom. All three got up off the floor and Marlies ran
to the naked lolita girls sites bedroom and shut the door quickly. Dieter and Kristopher got the
door opened and left it opened as the three continued to play. I looked in
after a period of time and saw Kristopher rubbing his hands on Marlies
pubic area that was slightly covered in lightly covered blonde fur and
Dieter had Marlies hand rubbing on his large cock as he was kissing her.Marlies was laughing as Kristopher and Dieter continued there onslaught
upon her body. Karin was sitting on the floor watching her two kids
playing and here new young lover playing with her daughter while her hand
was fingering herself.Marlies body was squirming as the hands touched her most private of
parts. She was starting to mown as Kristopher fingers slipped inside of her
and started to finger fuck her, his fingers were glistening with her
moisture. Dieter pulled Marlies hair slightly and her head moved to his
crotch and told her to lick his cock just like her mother had been doing
earlier to him. Dieter started to paint Marlies face with his pre-cum
before she darted her tongue out and started to lick his cock which was
leaking more and more.Karin moved closer to watch Kristopher play with his sister's virginal slit
and she knew know that this play was going to get a little more serious
than she initially had planned. What she wanted only was that Marlies
would learn about receiving and giving oral sex, but now it had gone
further. Karin moved even closer and had Kristopher move his finger out of
his sister and Karin lowered her lolita model preteen nude head and her tongue started to snake
around Marlies opening and penetrate her. Marlies couldn't say anything
because she had about 4 inches of Dieter's cock imbedded into her mouth and
her mother's tongue was dancing across the small clitoris that was standing
at attention.Mother and daughter was having an incestual time while her brother was now
playing with her hardened nipples and toying with her body. All of a
sudden Marlies body started to shake as she was having her first of many
orgasms of the evening. Karin's face was covered with Marlies moisture as
she continued to lick, nibble and suck on her daughters most private of
areas which had now gone public.Kristopher stroked his hard cock and motioned for his mother to move out of
the way. Kristopher was going to pop his little sister cherry and he
wanted it so bad. Karin placed a pillow under Marlies back and Kristopher
grabbed his sister's legs and lifted them up as he placed his cock at the
opening of her swollen pink lips and pushed forward piercing the small
opening. Marlies gasped as his cock slide forward and she felt a sudden pain inside
of her, she knew what this meant and she whimpered a little but then she
bucked against her brother as he sank all of his cock into her and was
buried balls deep into her. HE slowly started a slow methodically
thrusting in and out until he felt she was ready for more. He would pull
completely out of her and then push back in. Kristopher looked up and saw
his mother now giving head to Dieter. Dieter had his cock buried in his
mother's mouth and fucking her mouth with abandonment and even though he
was fucking his sister he really wanted Dieter back inside of him.
Kristopher continued fucking his sister and liked the expressions that she
was making on her face. His little sister had become a woman and he sort
of liked it but something was missing. He felt cum rising in his balls and
he pulled out and aimed his cock at his sister's face when he came all over
it.Dieter pulled his cock out of Karin's mouth and moved Marlies to her knees
and spread them just enough so he could easily slide his cock into the
slowly closing vagina. He gave Karin a devilish look as he started fucking
Marlies in so many different positions that Marlies only panted when she
wanted to talk.This lasted for over 20 minutes when Dieter told Karin to come over and lay
in front of Marlies, and Dieter told Marlies to lick her mother cunt and
taste the juices. Marlies rebelled at first but then relented and seemed
to enjoy licking sucking the area just like her mother had done to her
earlier. Soon Dieter erupted and sent a volley of cum deep inside the
young girl.Kristopher looked satisfied when Dieter's cock was softening and come out
of his sister, but he was not done yet. His cock had grown hard again and
he pushed Dieter to the carpet and spat on Dieter's man hole and pushed in.
Telling him that if he fucked his sister any more that he would also get
fucked in the ass, Dieter just smiled and said that was ok with him.All four of the rested for a while and then Dieter pulled Karin to the edge
of the bed and slowly inserted his well worn cock inside of Karin and
slowly started to thrust into her, Kristopher moved next to Karin and
slowly started to stroke his hardening cock and started to paint his
mother's face with his cock. Karin eagerly to Kristopher's cock into her
mouth and kds loli rompl dorki began to lick, suck his cock and sometimes would lick his nearly
hairless balls. This continue for a while until Marlies came over and took
over for her mother. Mother and sister took care of Kristopher needs while
Karin was still being fucked.Dieter pulled out just illegal lolita pics of Karin's wet pussy and slide his cock into the virgin
territory of Karin's ass and pushed in. Karin let out a moan and she asked
Dieter to stop and pull out. Dieter did not move but allowed Karin to get
used to his cock before he started to breed her ass. It did not take more
than 5 minutes before Dieter was ready to cum, he pulled out and jacked his
cock for a few minutes and sent out volley after volley of cum onto Karin's
and Marlies face and then Kristopher leaned over and cleaned off the head
of Dieter's cock and started to suck on it until it deflatedThe evening/morning ended when Kristopher and Marlies headed naked lolita girls sites to their own
bedrooms and Dieter and Karin went back to Karin's bedroom. They all slept
soundly until the entrance door opened and Karl and I came back early in
the morning with my ass still leaking Karl's and his lover's cum which had
been deposited many times during the young sun lolitas bbs
night.. The family reunion was coming
to an end since I had a flight back home that same day.We all said our goodbyes after breakfast and all hugged and gave each other
long and deep French kisses, then Karl took me to the airport in Hamburg.The flight was a long one back to Kansas City and I had a long time to
think about the time I had with my cousins and also with Dieter. I could
not get the images out of my mind for most of the flight, I found myself
rubbing my crotch most of the way home and waiting until I could get fucked
again by a younger guy and fuck him again. I did not have to wait long..
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